Since 2006 we have built a thorough, industry-wide communications platform in Frankfurt, bringing together all media companies related to the fields of “games and video gaming”. How we do that? We create a forum interlinking the entire game and video game industry, and events, carefully designed to enhance multiplier effects in the industry giving all those attending the perfect backdrop to get together, to create new opportunities, and to identify potentials in this creative environment.

Our goals are the promotion of the City of Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region as what they are: an enormously creative, competitive, and technologically highly developed location for the game and video game industry. Additionally we thrive to give those, who already are part of the local game and video game industry, a platform to communicate, to find business partners, and to work together. And last, but never least, we nurture the positive image of the game and video game sector as a thriving and future-oriented industry. We try to strengthen the public dialogue, reduce the prejudices, and show the new potentials of games and video games as well as gaming and video gaming. Not only do we touch the economic topics of the game and video game industry, but also the artistic and narrative aspects of games and video games, but as the cultural impact they have on our society as well. With GAMEPLACES we not only invite the industry insiders, but also decision-makers, politicians, journalists, and everybody else interested in gaming and video gaming to get in touch with this exceptional medium and the industries working with it.